• Companion Animals are important in the lives of many people.  This class does an in depth study of horses, dogs, caged birds, aquarium animals and some exotic pets.  Students get to work 'hands on' with a horse that will be kept at the Animal Lab.  Joining FFA can enhance the student's experience with companion animals and and can lead to career opportunities.

  • Wildlife Management covers the history of wildlife mangement and the management of Wisconsin wildlife.  There are several class projects including taxidermy, lure making and cooking game meat.  Wildlife Management is a one semester class.  Joining FFA can enhance the student's experience in Wildlife Management.

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    Ag Marketing students will learn the different types of business structure and work with several financial records used in business, i.e. cash flow, net worth and income statement.  Students will also develop a Market Plan and develop a debate for the FFA Ag Issues contest.  FFA activities will enhance the classroom experience.

  • Animal Science deals with animal agriculture and how that industry interacts with our global economy.  The class will also cover topics on history, digestion, reproduction, genetics and management.  There will be in-class incubation of chicks and each student will be responsible for work in the Animal Lab, where the Ag department raises poultry.  Each student is encouraged to participate in FFA to enhance the Ag class experience.